Poem a Day

It’s good for your health.  Of course, many folks take this fine medicine through the folks at Poetry Daily. For those of us who are too lazy or scatter-brained to remember we need a poem every day, Tia Ballantine provides a service that takes things a step further: delivering poetry directly to your inbox.  And the sad reality is I do need this, being too lazy and scatter-brained to visit Poetry Daily more than once a week.

Ballantine runs the listserv out of the University of Hawaii, and you can sign up for it here.  I signed up roughly a week ago and have since been impressed with the quality and diversity of poetry flowing through my inbox.  I was especially taken by Wole Soyinka’s “In the Small Hours,” full of strong images and humming with late night music.  Soyinka’s most famous as a playwright, and I’ve always thought of him more for his prose, epecially the autobiographical  The Man Died, collected from his time as a political prisoner in Nigeria, but I intend to take another look at his poetry now.

by Martin Woodside

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