Letter from Palestine

the wall

by Aria Fani

The construction of the Israeli barrier began almost a decade ago; it is 450 miles long (the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco) and 26 feet tall (three times higher than the Berlin Wall) and isolates the West Bank from the outside world.

Through graffiti art and poetry, Palestine now owns the longest “living canvas of resistance and solidarity.” The verses of Ahmad Shamlu in Persian have found themselves next to Mahmoud Darwish’s poignant poems in Arabic. “Nations United,” written in English, is right next to “This wall will fall, and I will return to claim my piece,” in Spanish. The Wall has been turned into a monument that summons, in every one of us, a sense of affinity and shared vulnerability – a monument that recollects the presences of lost lives.

The following selection includes graffiti arts and writings captured on the Wall.

Selections from the Wall’s
Graffiti Art & Writings

to exist
is to resist
–Zapatista Army, Mexico

_ _ _

_ _ _

our revenge
will be the laughter
of our children
                –Bobby Sands, Northern Ireland 

_ _ _
_ _ _

a country is not
what it does
but also what
it tolerates

_ _ _

you look at me
and I look at you

_ _ _

what is this
teaching our children?

as if
you will
for ever

_ _ _

If I sit silently
I have sinned
Mohammad Mosadeq, Iran

_ _ _

_ _ _

I have come to your land
and I have recognized
shades of my own
my land was once
one where some people
imagined that they could build
their security on the insecurity of others
Faris Esack, South Africa

_ _ _

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