Verónica Volkow – Occupy the Page

As part of the “Occupy the Page: Literary Criticism and Activism” festival held March 18-20th, 2013, members of the San Diego State University community chose a poem or piece of prose that they felt exemplified a spirit of literary activism.  This series showcases their commentary, and aims to add to the voices occupying the page.  Special thanks to the Hugh C. Hyde Living Writers Series, Associated Students, and Poetry International for their support of this project.


Original: “Wilderness” – Verónica Volkow
From Litoral de Tinta y Otros Poemas

3. La Mujer

Todo en la mujer es recipiente
Una estrella es la mano
que hacia lo crudo avanza,
el amor que induce lentamente.

La piel es luz y es astros sumergidos
y como un párpado abre
la noche a su semilla.
Y ya es de carne el fuego
y carne, el sol, el cielo,
el lago, el prado, la montaña,
y ya es de carne Dios
en la mujer guardado.

Una mujer desborda al ser amada,
como une semilla irrumpe y cielo y astros nacen
y mares enteros adentro en ella danzan,
Una mujer está,
por un universo, tan preñada.


3. The Woman

Everything in the woman is a container:
A star is her hand
that makes even the grotesque beautiful,
that makes love grow slowly.

Her skin is light and plunging planets
and like an eyelid opens,
the night awakens her seed.
And it is already a fire of flesh
and flesh, the sun, the sky,
the lake, the meadow, the mountain,
this is the flesh of God
guarded in the woman.


A woman bursts from being loved
like a popped seed and sky and stars are born
and entire oceans inside her dance,
A woman is full of a universe,
so pregnant.

Translation by Aimee Fagent

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