C.P. Cavafy Poetry Prize Winners

Congratulations to the latest winners of the C. P. Cavafy Poetry Prize!

Two co-winners, each receiving $500:

David Keplinger for his poem “The Life of Simone Weil”

“A singer’s music fills the room, no means of amplification. Humphrey Bogart

is magnetic but monstrously ugly in person.”

Jennifer Grotz for her poem “WATCHMAKER”

“. . . I’m existing in five minute increments.
It is interesting, it is trying, I am trying
not to notice . . .”

Four Semi-Finalists:

Roger Craik – “Blackberry et al”

“In the tail of my eye,
against the slanting window there’s a
peering agitatedness . . . “

Mark DeFoe – “Blessed Mundanity”

“This snow shoveling, this raking, this gutter cleaning.
his shoe polishing, this rug sweeping, this window washing.”

Athar Pavis – “On Being Offered Pay for Lessons not Given”

“A sudden stop, a stillness in the room —
Our Certainties cascading like a house of cards —
Made one half hour to be remunerated.”

Anzhelina Polonskaya – “Rain”

“But love passed and even yearning fadded,
like a jackal, baring her teeth in anticipation.”


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