LETTER FROM PARIS NOVEMBER 2015 from Margo Berdeshevsky

LETTER FROM PARIS NOVEMBER 2015 from Margo Berdeshevsky

 After our Friday the 13th. . . Paris and her  mourners…….the images are the same. the images are not the same… 

 I am mostly beyond any words….

As my/our world tilts as though it will fall…as symbols waver in the chill.

I am safe. What ever that means . and and and…there are mostly no words. only the heart … breaking open. and the mind…unable to do more than say yes, this is who we are. Our world. Our hearts,  our minds. All in prayer and compassion, and that is no longer enough. All care to you … and to us all….

Other than that, I remain mostly mute. beyond any easy or even difficult new expressions, and truly beyond most of what there may be to hold on to….

These are the thoughts—I am trying to accept that we have finally been born into a wartime reality. It does not mean that our ideals of love and compassion disintegrate…but it does seem to mean that there is no hiding place. Not now. Not for a long time.

 “We journey towards a home not of our flesh. Its chestnut trees are not of our bones.
Its rocks are not like goats in the mountain hymn. The pebbles’ eyes are not lilies.
We journey towards a home that does not halo our heads with a special sun.
Mythical women applaud us. A sea for us, a sea against us.
When water and wheat are not at hand, eat our love and drink our tears . . .
There are mourning scarves for poets. A row of marble statues will lift our voice.
And an urn to keep the dust of time away from our souls. Roses for us and against us.
You have your glory, we have ours. Of our home we see only the unseen: our mystery.
Glory is ours: a throne carried on feet torn by roads that led to every home but our own!
 The soul must recognize itself in its very soul, or die here.”

…………………………………—Mahmoud Darwish
(translated by Carolyn Forché, from Unfortunately it Was Paradise)


#1 november marianne©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpg Photo © Margo Berdeshevsky


#2 mourners5©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpgPhoto © Margo Berdeshevsky


#3 mourners3©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpg

Photo © Margo Berdeshevsky


#4 november attack mourners1©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpgPhoto © Margo Berdeshevsky


#5 the morning after©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpgPhoto © Margo Berdeshevsky


#6 mourner2©Margo Berdeshevsky

Photo © Margo Berdeshevsky


#7 lutter1©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpg

Photo © Margo Berdeshevsky


#8 mourner4©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpgPhoto © Margo Berdeshevsky


#9 november attack mourners©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpgPhoto © Margo Berdeshevsky


#10- lutter-fight©Margo Berdeshevsky.jpgPhoto © Margo Berdeshevsky


                   With so much care for us each, now, and now, and now, and hereafter… 

                                                Margo, in Paris, November 2015 


#11- margo's books_mbb.jpg



*Interview @ Poetry International: https://pionline.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/a-poets-bakers-dozen-interview-with-margo-berdeshevsky/


Archive of Letters: https://pionline.wordpress.com/category/letters-from-paris/

Amazon Author page: http://amazon.com/author/margoberdeshevsky


  1. Dear Margo, I too have been speechless, even though here I am far away from your direct experience. Thank you for sharing Darwish’s words, I wear my mourning scarf in deep hope for the light to come back stronger in our hearts. You are in our prayers. Wendy

  2. Here in Indonesia our hearts are pounding out the question: Why? Why? Why? … for we have had bombings, we are still bleeding, and we are not able to offer ay word medicine to our sisters and brothers in Paris. Yet, your photos give us all a reason to remember that Humanity is well worth preserving. May we all Stay Human.

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